Student Information Tracking Module

Information is the most valuable commodity!
Right information at the right time with Unicampus!

Student Information Tracking mainly provides web-based access for student information enquiry and communication services that help students, parents and faculty to stay updated!

Are you looking for a fast-growing student tracking system leveraging the web and mobile technologies for today's educators to improve student performance?

UniCampus, Student Information Tracking Module is here for you!

UniCampus It is vital for a school to keep track of its students. The school needs to know not only attendance, but various other details that can help the students and faculty. UniCampus has a practical solution to manage student data across cloud, web and mobile platforms. As a platform for providing up-to-date student information for communication purpose, data maintenance services are also provided. Through these services, not only Business Faculty's staff can modify data, students can update their contact information.

Key features that sets us apart:

Data Management

A powerful student data management software to manage student data across cloud, web and mobile platforms.

Customizable student information system

Create customizable student information system and use the powerful features and functionality to best fit the needs of colleges and universities at an affordable cost.

Student Records

Create student profiles with unlimited custom categories and fields including demographic data, enrollment, attendance, schedule and more, and share academic records with faculties, and administrators.

Academic Progress

Empower faculty to monitor student performance to support students quickly and efficiently and create pathways for successful graduation to facilitate student retention and success.

UniCampus, Student Information Tracking System- Leveraging technologies for today’s educators!

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