Staff Management Module

Empowering schools with a hassle-free Staff Management Module

Automate and streamline processes

Unicampus provides schools and educational institutes a complete staff management solution to increase efficiency by automating and streamlining the staff management processes.

Unicampus’s, Staff Management Module is a great tool with which schools can create academic and personal data of staff that includes personal profile, leaves, holidays, time-table, attendance, test schedules and other details. This solution has the complete information from tracking the exams schedule and school events to storing staff details such as Salary, Address, etc.

With Unicampus solution, staff management and workflow is simplified. The User-Friendly tool enables the authorized administrator to manage staff attendance records, payroll, student mark reports, leave details and more with the click of a button!

Here is what UniCampus will do

Simplified processes

With the With Unicampus Staff Management Solution, the school need not worry about the pile of paperwork whether it is dealing with staff information or school related information. All this is available with a click of a mouse, in lesser time and with lesser effort.

Automated payroll management

With Staff Management solution, schools can do away with the manual and cumbersome task of calculating salary and payslips. Using our solution, authorized personnel can generate payslip reports, calculate salary for the month, thus minimizing errors, delay, and inconvenience.

With Biometric Attendance & Payroll, schools can

  • Track attendance of the staff
  • Attendance can be marked by Finger Prints or by RFID Cards
  • See attendance reports
  • Calculate the employee salary & leaves
  • Employees salary slip can be generated based on their biometrics attendance

Staff leaves and attendance management

With Unicampus Staff Management Solution, it is easy for the management to keep a track on attendance/leaves of the staff members.

Staff Data Management

A comprehensive source that has complete information related to the teacher, the subjects assigned, the classes and the other details. With this inclusive listing, teachers and the school are on track with their progress academically thus optimizing resource allocation. Teachers in turn can update and schedule their tests and exams and update the results in the system.

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